Burnout recovery tip 12: Drugs, anxiety and my rap song

This post was written by Megan on December 21, 2010
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Napping rap cartoon

Drugs. It's a wonderful word, isn't it? Say the word 'drugs' to someone and you are destined to raise some kind of emotion in them (fear, hatred, glee, etc). But what that emotion is will depend on that person's relationship to drugs. 


What do you think about drugs?

You might reply, 'It depends..are we talking street-roaming or squeaky-clean government-sponsored?'. In this post, I'm talking about the latter. Disappointing, I know.


Why consider taking squeaky-clean drugs?

For those of us with burnout (or beyond), anxiety and/or depression can become smelly house guests in our internal living room. These guys are buggers to live with. And even after telling them to leave on numerous occasions they have the gall to rest their feet on your coffee table and demand another beer.

After awhile, many of us naturally seek the assistance of leg-breaking bouncers to oust these bullies. Who is the inside contact to hire these psych thugs? You've got it. The Pimp for Punks: your local doctor. 


Yes, we have been here before 

Remember when we talked about anti-depressants in Elizabeth Gilbert, Elaine Aron and the depression thing? I was a bit cowardly then. Not much was said about my time with the house mates from hell. 

So today I thought I'd share with you my experience with depression, anxiety and medication – in rap verse.

Reading the following does require imagining me as an African-American adolescent male with my pants held up by my knees.

Warning: The following passage contains language that some may find offensive, particularly the bad spelling.



Mother D & Antsy Rap


Boom boom chhhh… boom boom chhhh


Somfing in the family runs right down to me

Dat somefing is chronic anx-i-e-ty 

You know, I've always towed dat sensitive line

(Though guilty of insensitivity sometimes, mind)


Boom boom chhhh… boom boom chhhh

Being da sensitive conscientious type

Everyday the on job, yeah, it took a new bite

Outta my soul – dig – outta my Self

'n sucking the blood right outta my health


Check it.

Boom boom chhhh… boom boom chhhh

But the year '01, it seriously blew

A cow of 12 months, datz seriously true

Dis time it saw phat depression come fast

So I went on anti-d's – 'n saved my sorry ass


Yeah, it saved my ass

Boom boom chhhh… boom boom chhhh

Life got wicked and yeah it got good

Chucked anti-d's maybe earlier than I should

Caught a mother (beep) virus late in '02

What happen next…well, who wouldda knew?


(You like my pants?)

Boom boom chhhh… boom boom chhhh


Got dis fatigue with anxiety chronic

And tried lots of stuff to act as a tonic 

Stripped for dem therapists, talked to dem shrinks

All I my ass craved was 4,000 more winks


Boom chhh boom zzzzz


My adrenal situation was solidly screwed

Yeah, this much was what I already knew

Sendin' out word to a wrecked nervous system

It was now way too hot to bail that fool kitchen.



Boom boom chhhh… boom boom chhhh

Sweatin' on the tiles was getting me down

It was time anti-d's they came back to town

Relief, it was sweet with the panic all gone

Still had to attend to what had gone wrong.


Yeah, somefing gone wrong

Boom boom chhhh… boom boom chhhh

Slowin' my mojo through writing on pages

Allowing some shut-eye while earning my wages

Investing in therapies more powerfully natural 

An' livin' my life more spiritual-like – (nod) Lateral.


You know it.


BOOM BOOM chhhh… 

BOOM BOOM chhhhhhh….


Do you have a rap song
about depression, anxiety and medication that you would like to share? 
Feel free to spread dat lurve in the comments spot down dere.


This is the twelfth post (2nd to last – drum roll…) from my series: '13 things towards recovery from burnout'.

And the premise remains the same: what works for me might not work for you.

This post was written by Megan Hills. Megan is a writer and cartoonist who wishes she could sing like Aretha Franklin. Her neighbours wish she would just stop trying.  Find out more about Megan

Reader Comments

That's sweeeeeeeeeeet. (especially the image of the pants around your knees. hahaha). I never tried anti-depressants, though I was depressed and anxious for sure (crying for at least an hour a day for nine months means something is not quite right). But no- I was stubborn as hell and did not want to take meds without a proper diagnosis. I knew depresssion was NOT my primary problem, it was secondary. I didnt have a doctor who could find anything tangibly wrong with me….or really educate me on the pro's and cons of meds (yeah I have kind of high standards- don't tell me it has anything to do with my beng ill ;-) )
 (Actually just two weeks ago I got a checkup with a fysiologist who confirmed it's my adrenal  and nervous system that are causing trouble. Cure: biofeedback meditation learning to calm my nervous system, and licorice for the adrenals. It's not nearly as bad as it has been- completely out of the red into the orange, heading for green.
Maybe your neighbours are glad it's Aretha, and not R-Kelly of Tupac :-)

Written By Amber on December 21st, 2010 @ 7:41 pm

Megan, I didn't know you could rap! You've been holding back on me – this is brilliant stuff!

I could totally 'hear' it in my head.

Written By Erica on December 22nd, 2010 @ 3:37 pm


Written By Christine Winderlich on December 29th, 2010 @ 4:15 pm

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