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This post was written by Megan on May 27, 2010
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Vampire Napping Centre cartoon

Closing your eyes in daylight is the new black. Public napping cubicles are being designed and installed around the world.

Airports and train stations appear to be the main driver of mini-sleep cubbies. But who knows where napping's true destination lies? And will these spaces of 'official napping' be the first port of call in the prevention of burnout?

Below are some designs for forty winks that I have found rather intriguing…


Russians in Dubai: The Sleepbox

Sleepbox image

This 2001 space odyssey design is the Sleepbox by Russian architects, Arch group.

Rumour has it Dubai airport is installing 50-70 of these babies. Peacefully sleeping babies, because each sleep box has a ventilation system, sound alerts, built-in LCD TV, Wi-Fi and sockets for a laptop and charging phones. Spiffy.



Canadians in USA: Minute Suites

Meanwhile, in the USA, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has embraced Minute Suites.
Developed by healthcare professionals to relieve travel stress, these modular, space-efficient, private 'pods' are apparently offer a comfortable, quiet environment to work or rest. 
These little bundles of joy have been designed by the Canadian environmental design firm DIRTT (Doing It Right This Time).
Tricky to find a proper photo of the pods, however. Are they trying to lure with mystery and delight with revelation? Or perhaps, when reality comes, you would only want to spend 60 seconds in a Minute Suite. 
English in the Netherlands: Yotel

Yotel bed image    Yotel bathroom     Yotel workspace   
Airports such as London's Heathrow and Gatwick, and Amsterdam's Schiphol feature pods managed by a company called Yotel
They say you can enjoy peace and cosy-comfort for hours in a pod with an en suite bathroom, flat screen TV, WiFi and 24-hour cabin service.
UK firm Priesmangoode are so proud of their design, they have a 360 Virtual Tour of this cutie-pie.
Indian-American in USA & UK: MetroNaps

Metronaps NYC Empire State Building image
Bangladeshi-American, Arshad Chowdhury, thought that sharing nap space might be okay and so designed MetroNaps.  MetroNaps is now based in the UK, but their most famous snooze spot is on the 22nd floor of the Empire State Building. As their promotion material proclaims: 
  • Drift off as you listen to tranquil, relaxation-inducing music. The MetroNaps EnergyPod will wake you with a gentle combination of light and vibration.
  • Use the MetroNaps Wake Station’s lotion, facial spritz and lemon-scented hand towels to help bring you back to the real world.
You will emerge refreshed and ready to meet with Tom Hanks or Meg Ryan who will be sleepless, not in Seattle, but on the top floor.
French-American in USA: YeloSpa

YeloSpa entrance image   YeloSpa Cabin
Also in Manhattan is YeloSpa's YeloCab. NYC designer of YeloSpa, Stefan Boubil, has ensured that tranquility begins even before you start to snooze, as the people at YeloSpa explain:
"Upon arrival, notice the warm and peaceful color scheme inspired by the robe and sash worn by Tibetan Monks.  Sip artisanal tea from a floating Lantern and refresh with a scented hot towel as you embark on your Yelo journey."
With YeloCab it's all about choice. These honeycombed shaped spaces allow you to choose: 
  • to have a traditional massage and esthetic table, or the YeloChair which elevates your legs above your heart so that your pulse slows down
  • how you want your lighting – the color and intensity of their LED system
  • from a wide variety of relaxing music and environmental sounds
  • the most appropriate aromatherapy scent to fit your mood and desired effect

YeloSpa also have purified air, 500-thread count linens and soft cashmere blankets. I don't know about you, but say 'soft cashmere' to me and I immediately go gooey. 

Yelo Spa is also the exclusive US distributor of the AlphaLounger: 

Yelo Alphalounger image

The AlphaLounger 'experience' consists of sound, light and movement. As YeloSpa spells out in soothe web text tones:

"In this holistic sphere your body will be engulfed in uniquely created sound compositions which also reverberate throughout the entire body.  This customized auditory experience is combined with a deep monochrome shade of blue, soft warmth and a light rocking motion."

And then, I suspect, Circque de Soleil enter the room and perform especially for you.


Japanese in Japan: 9h

9h Luxury Capsule Hotel image

Okay, 9h isn't strictly for napping. The idea is to have: 1 hour shower, sleep for 7 hours, have a one hour break = total 9 hours.

But I had to show you the latest in Japan's capsule hotels. Found in Kyoto, 9h is called 'Nainawasu' in Japanese.

This pod hive of 'luxury' is 9 stories tall, storing 125 capsules that use Panasonic's environmental and lighting control system.

9h was created by Furnie Shibata, founder of Design Studio S, who probably prefers sleeping upside down from a horizontal metal bar.


Would you want to nap in any these?

I can understand why a claustrophobic cubicle might not be the ideal napping design for you. So what might be your dream napping place? Share it with us by posting a comment below.


This post was written by Megan Hills. Megan is a writer and cartoonist who doesn't power nap. She just naps. Find out more about Megan

Reader Comments

I vote for Metronaps. Cool sleek and still some link to community.
Hey maybe we could investigate the idea of community napping?

Written By Alan on May 27th, 2010 @ 2:50 pm

Community napping is a great idea, Alan – unless you snore… :)

Written By Megan on May 27th, 2010 @ 4:12 pm

Napping is a great ideal, but some of these options in other countries are a bit much.

Written By Paulette on July 12th, 2012 @ 10:37 am

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