How to have an adventure while feeling completely knackered

Apologies for my absence. I’ve been busy preparing for the greatest adventure of my life. And that of my partner, Jeff. Why a grand escapade? Because we’re both knackered. It may seem a little strange to decide to have an adventure while feeling uber-spent. But out fatigue relates to a fundamental discontent with how we [...]

Brene Brown on The Power Vulnerability

Feeling burnt out means you feel a lot of other things too. One of those things is bound to be 'vulnerability'. Like for many others, vulnerability has come screaming at me like a banshee from my very core. It has showed itself as primal. It has me feeling like a pigeon amongst cats who could [...]

The subliminal message of Doctor Dolittle

I keep thinking about Doctor Dolittle…and whether a subliminal message is being sent through this children's classic by its sneaky author, Hugh Lofting.  It all began with an absurdly long title: Doctor Dolittle: Being the History of his Peculiar Life at Home and Astonishing Adventures in Foreign Parts Never Before Printed. Well that was the [...]

Zen Santa

My business email stopped working at the end of yesterday, just before I was about to send out my Christmas message. While the glitch was eventually resolved, I wondered about a potential philosophical meaning of this hair-tearing technical nightmare. And the following notion came to me: This Christmas, try talking less. Challenging advice for a [...]

The obvious problem in the workplace

  In the business section of a newspaper recently was the headline: "Employee overload is bad for business". The sub-head (just in case you didn't understand the headline): "Overworked staff can strip a company of its competitive edge". Derek Parker wrote the article in the Weekend Australian (19-20 March 2011, Weekend Professional, Page 1). Not sure [...]

The little red engine has a lot to answer for

  The famous children's story of The Little Red Engine (first published in 1945 by Diana Ross – no, not the singer) saw the protagonist spending an awful lot of time working its way up a hill using the semi-positive affirmation “I think I can”.    Here's how the story starts: Once upon a time [...]

The problem with the slow movement

One of my favourite books is Carl Honore's In Praise of Slow – How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed. Just to kick-off, you've got to love the term 'Cult of Speed'. How evil does speed sound now? Before too long (no pun intended), I'm imagining Speed on some isolated farm, asking [...]

Are you a snoozy canary?

    'Burnout' officially began in the 1970’s when everything was a blur anyway… Obviously people were burned out out before then. But the 1970s saw the condition become 'branded'.  Now the term 'burnout' is thrown into conversation pretty easily these days.  You either have it, or are conscious of being in danger of it, [...]

How do you introduce yourself?

  A powerful realisation came upon me when Jeff – my partner – and I were browsing in a gift store. It wasn't just any gift store. It was the only gift store in town. The town had recently become our new home, and we were hoping that the move would be, in itself, a [...]