The difference between adrenal fatigue and ME/CFS

I’ve had two friends recently complain about symptoms that screamed ‘adrenal fatigue’. Wired tired (i.e. feeling hepped up but absolutely exhausted at the same time) over a long period was an obvious one. Taking magnesium calcium tables prior to sleeping, helped one. Eating smaller portions more often helped the other. Both improved the leafy green [...]

Shocking, funny and heartbreaking comments about burnout

I recently read a post on the Lifehacker site called How to recognize signs of burnout (and what to do about them). The post was pretty dull, to be honest (sorry, Adam mate). He quoted Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter (writer for Psychology Today) who discussed the signs of burnout. Adam gave us a few from the [...]

How my friends caught me out

It's time for the confessional box. Three friends recently have 'outed' me for archetypal burnout-inducing behaviour. Here's what happened… Making breakfast A wildlife photographer buddy recently returned from a world trip. He had toured Japan, Turkey, South America and eastern block Europe. He had seen a lot of life – and of how different people [...]

The day everything changed…

As mentioned in my last post '13 Things towards recovery from burnout', I'm going to post, one-by-one, some key recovery tricks that I found useful.  But before I start, I thought you might like to hear about my 'entry' into the world of burnout. It's kind of like getting born. I'm crying, I'm dribbing and [...]