Watching my friend lose self-confidence

Watching my friend lose self-confidence recently became a light bulb moment for me. Debbie (not her real name) was exhausted. I would have to say that she was on the verge of burnout, if not already there. She has been pushing herself hard at work (ironically, in healthcare) – and helping others for free.  I [...]

Focusing my way to sleep

It sounds crazy but it's true. Many people with burnout actually have trouble sleeping. It seems like sleep is all our bodies want from us. But when it comes to achieving it, something gets often in the way. I regularly find that it is a kind of buzzing – mentally, emotionally or physically (or all [...]

The great napping debate

'To nap or not to nap – that is the question'. Well, for some. Not for me – as my previous post: 'Secret confessions from my napping diary' yelled from the rooftops…and then left to lie down. I appreciate that there are some in our community who feel they are unable to nap. Meanwhile there [...]

Confessions from my napping diary

To some, napping during the day may seem like a luxury. Not for me. Napping is a core survival tool. It's more important than email and my iphone. Quite a claim, I know. But there you have it.  Napping has always been vital for petit moi, even before the chronic fatiguey burnout thing…    A [...]

Nap around the world tour

Closing your eyes in daylight is the new black. Public napping cubicles are being designed and installed around the world. Airports and train stations appear to be the main driver of mini-sleep cubbies. But who knows where napping's true destination lies? And will these spaces of 'official napping' be the first port of call in [...]