Jerome Stone, nurses and burnout

In the world of burnout, healthcare workers can have it tough. And nurses can have it toughest. Jerome Stone knows this well. Being a registered nurse with over thirty years experience (including pain management, hospice care, and ICU), Jerome has seen many a nurse ‘go to the wall’. In fact, Jerome says that there have [...]

How to give yourself space

In my last post 7 things I've learned lately about work and stress I mentioned there was an eighth thing, but it requires a full post all on it's own. Not because it takes a lot of explaining. Here it is in a nutshell: When we feel overwhelmed – or even mildly pressured – something [...]

7 things I’ve learned lately about work and stress

Stop chewing over it I am getting better at identifying what's worth pulling apart and thinking about deeply and what demands an instant decision. Regarding the latter, the trick for me has been making a fast decision but giving myself time before I act. During the lag time an idea can pop up from my [...]

About being enough

I don't know whether it is actually about perfectionism. I think my problem is a constant dark hum that's under the surface – a hum about whether I'm 'enough'. That is, not feeling valuable to others. It would be nice not to worry about these things at all. Apparently there are people out there who [...]

Zen Santa

My business email stopped working at the end of yesterday, just before I was about to send out my Christmas message. While the glitch was eventually resolved, I wondered about a potential philosophical meaning of this hair-tearing technical nightmare. And the following notion came to me: This Christmas, try talking less. Challenging advice for a [...]

‘How To Be Sick’ by Toni Bernhard

'How to be sick' is a wonderful title for a book – wonderfully confronting when we live in a society that is about avoiding it, denying it, moving on from it. 'Get well soon' cards say a lot.  The idea of accepting that you are sick – right here, right now – doesn't seem to [...]

Watching my friend lose self-confidence

Watching my friend lose self-confidence recently became a light bulb moment for me. Debbie (not her real name) was exhausted. I would have to say that she was on the verge of burnout, if not already there. She has been pushing herself hard at work (ironically, in healthcare) – and helping others for free.  I [...]

No more words

Enough said.   This post was written by Megan Hills. Megan is a writer and cartoonist who believes that you can find quiet – even when your hair is loud.  Find out more about Megan

Imaginary friends can save your sanity

Some say it's often the simple things that work best. But I say it's often the crazy things that work best. These are possibly the words of a crazy person, so can you believe them? I want to tell you about my imaginary friends. That's right. Not just one but many. And, yes, you can be [...]

Meditation made manageable – mmm…

What happens when you hear the word 'meditation'?   Some of you may think of words like: 'calm', 'spiritual', 'awareness', 'nice smelly candle and fluffy pillows'. But many of us, if we're really honest, immediately think: 'What? You mean that thing monks take decades to master?' 'I don't know how to meditate' 'I'm crap at [...]