SARK shows us how to sing on paper

There was some shameless name-dropping in the previous Burnout post:  I spoke to SARK personally.  Apologies for that. But it was all for a good cause, telling you about how SARK (aka Susan Kennedy) helped me to do things in a way that's smarter and fun-er, rather than harder.   SARK re-cap SARK is an [...]

I spoke to SARK personally…

Imagine a woman standing in a queue at the the Motor Registration Office. The walls are grey, the furniture is grey, the mood is…you guessed it…grey. Now imagine the woman in the queue singing: "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found. Was [...]

About Blink and being slow

In my world of slow, I've been reading a book about fast decisions.  The book is called 'Blink' by Malcolm Gladwell (author of the best seller 'The Tipping Point').   The sub-title to 'Blink' is particularly appealing to this foggy-brained burnee: "The power of thinking without thinking".  The book is about intuition, essentially. From reading [...]

Burnout and the myth of being extraordinary

  Many have described Mother Teresa as being "tireless in helping others".   As someone with chronic fatigue, I can understand how a burned out individual might find this hard to imagine.  Being 'tireless' that is.   That burnt out individual might also feel a little resentful about the term 'tireless'.  The worshipping of 'tireless [...]

A burnout message from my Christmas hammock…

"I'm too tired for Christmas," I've heard people say.  Actually, they tend to whisper it.  It's their little dirty secret.  And I've seen others thinking it…they're not quite ready to confess. But they will all follow through anyway.  Guaranteed.  Let everyone down because you're too knackered?  Not a chance. So why is Christmas so tiring? [...]

Twitter burnout: Why I haven’t Tweeted enough

When I’m working (in between naps) it's usually something to do with marketing. Being 'in marketing' means I’m not just supposed to know about Twitter, I’m supposed to be obsessed with it.  And yes, my Burnout Thing does have its very own Twitter profile: @myburnoutthing (feel feel to follow me…or sit with me…or draw up [...]