What travelling AND camping AND working taught me about burnout

First, camping is not for the fainthearted. Particularly camping for months in the Australian desert with unreliable equipment. But, as they say, it’s not a party until something gets broken. And things got broken. Or they weren’t working to begin with (that will teach us to leave before testing everything). Here’s the list of technical [...]

Jerome Stone, nurses and burnout

In the world of burnout, healthcare workers can have it tough. And nurses can have it toughest. Jerome Stone knows this well. Being a registered nurse with over thirty years experience (including pain management, hospice care, and ICU), Jerome has seen many a nurse ‘go to the wall’. In fact, Jerome says that there have [...]

The subliminal message of Doctor Dolittle

I keep thinking about Doctor Dolittle…and whether a subliminal message is being sent through this children's classic by its sneaky author, Hugh Lofting.  It all began with an absurdly long title: Doctor Dolittle: Being the History of his Peculiar Life at Home and Astonishing Adventures in Foreign Parts Never Before Printed. Well that was the [...]

7 things I’ve learned lately about work and stress

Stop chewing over it I am getting better at identifying what's worth pulling apart and thinking about deeply and what demands an instant decision. Regarding the latter, the trick for me has been making a fast decision but giving myself time before I act. During the lag time an idea can pop up from my [...]

Making work work for us

  Ever been accused of being 'too sensitive'? I have, for a good slab of my life. When someone says 'You're too sensitive', I feel whacked across the face. Is this because I'm too sensitive? Being a sensitive female in our society is bad enough. But being identified as a sensitive male is a whole [...]

The obvious problem in the workplace

  In the business section of a newspaper recently was the headline: "Employee overload is bad for business". The sub-head (just in case you didn't understand the headline): "Overworked staff can strip a company of its competitive edge". Derek Parker wrote the article in the Weekend Australian (19-20 March 2011, Weekend Professional, Page 1). Not sure [...]

Shocking, funny and heartbreaking comments about burnout

I recently read a post on the Lifehacker site called How to recognize signs of burnout (and what to do about them). The post was pretty dull, to be honest (sorry, Adam mate). He quoted Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter (writer for Psychology Today) who discussed the signs of burnout. Adam gave us a few from the [...]