Why the last post about intuition copped some flack

The last post, Vibe Queen gives unexpected answer to burnout, inspired some heated burnout discussion 'off the court'. The niggly bit came from the following passage: "Whenever I read any introductory material about people with burnout, the inevitable criteria of 'long-term dissatisfaction' tends to crop up. It usually appears after the other inevitable criteria of 'long-term stress'." [...]

Chronic Fatigue, Florence Nightingale and Seabiscuit

Florence Nightingale had chronic fatigue syndrome.  Or so they say.  Truth or fiction, this rumour helps to give this mysterious condition a bit of 'street cred'.  But sometimes these stories can add to the challenge, rather than relieve it. CFS associations throughout the western world love to drop Nightingale's name. Yep, she is "one of [...]

Burnout and the myth of being extraordinary

  Many have described Mother Teresa as being "tireless in helping others".   As someone with chronic fatigue, I can understand how a burned out individual might find this hard to imagine.  Being 'tireless' that is.   That burnt out individual might also feel a little resentful about the term 'tireless'.  The worshipping of 'tireless [...]