About being enough

I don't know whether it is actually about perfectionism. I think my problem is a constant dark hum that's under the surface – a hum about whether I'm 'enough'. That is, not feeling valuable to others. It would be nice not to worry about these things at all. Apparently there are people out there who [...]

Making work work for us

  Ever been accused of being 'too sensitive'? I have, for a good slab of my life. When someone says 'You're too sensitive', I feel whacked across the face. Is this because I'm too sensitive? Being a sensitive female in our society is bad enough. But being identified as a sensitive male is a whole [...]

Clare Pyers on CFS and what challenge to choose

Clare Pyers has quite a reputation. She has her own spectacular history of fatigue, which led her to some pretty serious research on the matter. Clare is now moving mountains (without getting too tired) as a Chinese Medicine practitioner, helping those who are trapped under the invisible piano. You know what about her really got [...]

Shocking, funny and heartbreaking comments about burnout

I recently read a post on the Lifehacker site called How to recognize signs of burnout (and what to do about them). The post was pretty dull, to be honest (sorry, Adam mate). He quoted Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter (writer for Psychology Today) who discussed the signs of burnout. Adam gave us a few from the [...]

Financial expert Jody Fenton on burnout and money

We already had a post on money awhile back: Money and the lack thereof. But that was just my two cents (get the pun? boom boom!). It's now time to bring an expert in. Jody Fenton runs Boutique Money Management, offering her expertise as 'money coach' and corporate workshop trainer on finance. However, she also has [...]

About The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron

I was thinking about the previous post Interview with Michael Nobbs on Sustainable Creativity and Tea and how Michael talked about being creative 'little and often' while feeling like a drugged rhinoceros (my words, not his). But what if we don't know where to start with this creativity business? And are too tired to work it [...]

How my friends caught me out

It's time for the confessional box. Three friends recently have 'outed' me for archetypal burnout-inducing behaviour. Here's what happened… Making breakfast A wildlife photographer buddy recently returned from a world trip. He had toured Japan, Turkey, South America and eastern block Europe. He had seen a lot of life – and of how different people [...]

Burnout recovery tip 13: Chocolate and other baaad good things

Eating can be tricky when you are burnt out. Culinary exploration isn't usually top of mind. We're often too tired to muster a meal that involves one food group let alone three. So it's not surprising when easy-reach 'comfort food' (chocolate, fast food, etc.) can become as seductive as heroin.  Just to keep things interesting, [...]

No more words

Enough said.   This post was written by Megan Hills. Megan is a writer and cartoonist who believes that you can find quiet – even when your hair is loud.  Find out more about Megan

Burnout recovery tip 11: How to be creative with foggy-brain

'Creativity' is a word that is being bandied around a lot lately. Many around the world are yearning to do something 'more creative'. But this doesn't necessarily mean they believe they actually can be more creative. Why? Because one of two comments generally follow: 'Creativity isn't going to pay the bills', and 'I'm not artistic.' [...]