Watching my friend lose self-confidence

Watching my friend lose self-confidence recently became a light bulb moment for me. Debbie (not her real name) was exhausted. I would have to say that she was on the verge of burnout, if not already there. She has been pushing herself hard at work (ironically, in healthcare) – and helping others for free.  I [...]

How my friends caught me out

It's time for the confessional box. Three friends recently have 'outed' me for archetypal burnout-inducing behaviour. Here's what happened… Making breakfast A wildlife photographer buddy recently returned from a world trip. He had toured Japan, Turkey, South America and eastern block Europe. He had seen a lot of life – and of how different people [...]

Burnout recovery tip 13: Chocolate and other baaad good things

Eating can be tricky when you are burnt out. Culinary exploration isn't usually top of mind. We're often too tired to muster a meal that involves one food group let alone three. So it's not surprising when easy-reach 'comfort food' (chocolate, fast food, etc.) can become as seductive as heroin.  Just to keep things interesting, [...]

Burnout recovery tip 11: How to be creative with foggy-brain

'Creativity' is a word that is being bandied around a lot lately. Many around the world are yearning to do something 'more creative'. But this doesn't necessarily mean they believe they actually can be more creative. Why? Because one of two comments generally follow: 'Creativity isn't going to pay the bills', and 'I'm not artistic.' [...]

Burnout recovery tip 10: Glory to the iPod

Slow down, you move too fast. You got to make the morning last. Just kicking down the cobble stones. Looking for fun and feelin' groovy. Ba da, Ba da, Ba da, Ba da…Feelin' Groovy…  I've got no deeds to do, No promises to keep. I'm dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep. Let the morning [...]

Burnout recovery tip 7: Get angry at Jeff

Jeff is…  …my ultimate love app  …the CEO of my heart's SEO …the mojo in my tutti frutti   With that said, Jeff does piss me off from time to time. Thankfully, the feeling is mutual.   But before we go too far… I do understand that 'Get angry at Jeff' as a burnout recovery [...]

Burnout recovery tip 6: Scribbling rubbish

What do you do when you've challenged yourself to write a post that you've already written about (see 'Meditating made manageable – mmm'), when it's about scribbling rubbish? I can't scribble rubbish here – I value you too much. Still, we can re-cap and see where it takes us…Whaddyasay? What 'Scribbling rubbish' is my name for [...]

Burnout recovery tip 4: Giggling like a schoolgirl

To be honest, I didn't giggle when I was a schoolgirl. I tended to snort accidentally or let loose an almighty guffaw that ricocheted around stairwells, swung around corners and marched across ovals.   I knew I had an unattractive laugh, but I couldn't help it. And, as you can imagine, having a laugh like [...]

Burnout recovery tip 2: The nothing

As mentioned in my '13 things' towards recovery from burnout, napping is one thing, just lying down is quite another.  In the last post (Burnout recovery tip 1: The Helen Keller Approach) we talked about stripping back stimuli to give your senses a rest. This means going somewhere quiet for a little lie down. No books, no TV, [...]

My ’13 things’ towards recovery from burnout

I've been shuffling around the edges of telling you my burnout story. My story 'unplugged' of being unplugged. I didn't want this blog to be about 'the answer'. Because I believe everyone finds their own answer. Mine won't be the exactly same as yours, you see. A woman told me that taking spirulena (algae) was [...]