What travelling AND camping AND working taught me about burnout

First, camping is not for the fainthearted. Particularly camping for months in the Australian desert with unreliable equipment. But, as they say, it’s not a party until something gets broken. And things got broken. Or they weren’t working to begin with (that will teach us to leave before testing everything). Here’s the list of technical [...]

The burnout recovery elephant

There has been an elephant in the room here on My Burnout Thing. A well-meaning elephant with poor table manners. The elephant is called ‘the clumsy recovery’. Frankly, I’m wondering if there is any other kind. It was Hans Schoendorfer who called my attention to this elephant-of-inelegance in an email to My Burnout Thing. Hans [...]

Zen Santa

My business email stopped working at the end of yesterday, just before I was about to send out my Christmas message. While the glitch was eventually resolved, I wondered about a potential philosophical meaning of this hair-tearing technical nightmare. And the following notion came to me: This Christmas, try talking less. Challenging advice for a [...]

Focusing my way to sleep

It sounds crazy but it's true. Many people with burnout actually have trouble sleeping. It seems like sleep is all our bodies want from us. But when it comes to achieving it, something gets often in the way. I regularly find that it is a kind of buzzing – mentally, emotionally or physically (or all [...]

Burnout recovery tip 9: Money and the lack thereof

What do you do if you are too tired to work and you don't have a sugar daddy? It's a damn shame that many those in our society who suffer from chronic illnesses also have the additional worry of "How the hell am I going to pay my bills??" This nagging question seems to raspberry [...]

The little red engine has a lot to answer for

  The famous children's story of The Little Red Engine (first published in 1945 by Diana Ross – no, not the singer) saw the protagonist spending an awful lot of time working its way up a hill using the semi-positive affirmation “I think I can”.    Here's how the story starts: Once upon a time [...]

Imaginary friends can save your sanity

Some say it's often the simple things that work best. But I say it's often the crazy things that work best. These are possibly the words of a crazy person, so can you believe them? I want to tell you about my imaginary friends. That's right. Not just one but many. And, yes, you can be [...]

The problem with the slow movement

One of my favourite books is Carl Honore's In Praise of Slow – How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed. Just to kick-off, you've got to love the term 'Cult of Speed'. How evil does speed sound now? Before too long (no pun intended), I'm imagining Speed on some isolated farm, asking [...]

Elizabeth Gilbert, Elaine Aron and the depression thing

In the best-selling book Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert called them 'goons'. She was referring to 'Depression' and 'Lonliness'.       The goons arrived to meet her as the sun was setting over the Villa Borghese in Rome. Despite the beautiful situ, Depression took her identity while Lonliness interrogated her about her motives for happiness. [...]

About Blink and being slow

In my world of slow, I've been reading a book about fast decisions.  The book is called 'Blink' by Malcolm Gladwell (author of the best seller 'The Tipping Point').   The sub-title to 'Blink' is particularly appealing to this foggy-brained burnee: "The power of thinking without thinking".  The book is about intuition, essentially. From reading [...]