The difference between adrenal fatigue and ME/CFS

I’ve had two friends recently complain about symptoms that screamed ‘adrenal fatigue’. Wired tired (i.e. feeling hepped up but absolutely exhausted at the same time) over a long period was an obvious one. Taking magnesium calcium tables prior to sleeping, helped one. Eating smaller portions more often helped the other. Both improved the leafy green [...]

Clare Pyers on CFS and what challenge to choose

Clare Pyers has quite a reputation. She has her own spectacular history of fatigue, which led her to some pretty serious research on the matter. Clare is now moving mountains (without getting too tired) as a Chinese Medicine practitioner, helping those who are trapped under the invisible piano. You know what about her really got [...]

‘How To Be Sick’ by Toni Bernhard

'How to be sick' is a wonderful title for a book – wonderfully confronting when we live in a society that is about avoiding it, denying it, moving on from it. 'Get well soon' cards say a lot.  The idea of accepting that you are sick – right here, right now – doesn't seem to [...]

Interview with Michael Nobbs on sustainable creativity and tea

Michael Nobbs is a full-time artist, blogger and tea drinker (not necessarily in that order). He is the author of the popular blog Sustainably Creative and writes, tweets and podcasts about drawing and trying to keep things simple. In the late 1990s he was diagnosed with ME/CFS and, over the last decade, has learnt a [...]

What syndrome do I have again? AF, CFS, FM or ME?

    Let’s play ‘What’s in a name?’  This is one for those burned-out folk who have a diagnosis that falls in the realm of a ‘syndrome’.    The most popular acronyms seem to be: AF, CFS, FM and ME.  Kind of like the top stock exchange listings for burnout.    The AF bit I [...]

Chronic Fatigue, Florence Nightingale and Seabiscuit

Florence Nightingale had chronic fatigue syndrome.  Or so they say.  Truth or fiction, this rumour helps to give this mysterious condition a bit of 'street cred'.  But sometimes these stories can add to the challenge, rather than relieve it. CFS associations throughout the western world love to drop Nightingale's name. Yep, she is "one of [...]

Burnout and the myth of being extraordinary

  Many have described Mother Teresa as being "tireless in helping others".   As someone with chronic fatigue, I can understand how a burned out individual might find this hard to imagine.  Being 'tireless' that is.   That burnt out individual might also feel a little resentful about the term 'tireless'.  The worshipping of 'tireless [...]

About burnout and this thing

My Burnout Thing is a personal exploration about – you guessed it – burnout.  That is, when a person is feeling burned out…like really wired-tired for a good stint.  And I’m hoping this site is personal for both of us (being a burnout blog, this baby is interactive).  Through My Burnout Thing we will be [...]