Chronic fatigue can help someone with cancer

It’s true. Chronic fatigue can help someone with cancer. How do I know this? Until recently, my father had cancer. The battle had been going for twenty years, but in recent months the challenge ramped up some significant notches. Honest-to-the-point-of-raw conversations during this time revealed my father and I had more in common than we [...]

Clare Pyers on CFS and what challenge to choose

Clare Pyers has quite a reputation. She has her own spectacular history of fatigue, which led her to some pretty serious research on the matter. Clare is now moving mountains (without getting too tired) as a Chinese Medicine practitioner, helping those who are trapped under the invisible piano. You know what about her really got [...]

Burnout recovery tip 1: The Helen Keller approach

It's been a month since I last wrote. I was going to apologise, but then thought 'Nah.' I'm tired. You already know what that's like, I don't have to explain it to you. So I imagine, chances are, you also understand the fatigue associated with apologising for not keeping up with the blogging/tweeting/typing 'Me! Me! Me!' [...]

Why the last post about intuition copped some flack

The last post, Vibe Queen gives unexpected answer to burnout, inspired some heated burnout discussion 'off the court'. The niggly bit came from the following passage: "Whenever I read any introductory material about people with burnout, the inevitable criteria of 'long-term dissatisfaction' tends to crop up. It usually appears after the other inevitable criteria of 'long-term stress'." [...]

Imaginary friends can save your sanity

Some say it's often the simple things that work best. But I say it's often the crazy things that work best. These are possibly the words of a crazy person, so can you believe them? I want to tell you about my imaginary friends. That's right. Not just one but many. And, yes, you can be [...]

What syndrome do I have again? AF, CFS, FM or ME?

    Let’s play ‘What’s in a name?’  This is one for those burned-out folk who have a diagnosis that falls in the realm of a ‘syndrome’.    The most popular acronyms seem to be: AF, CFS, FM and ME.  Kind of like the top stock exchange listings for burnout.    The AF bit I [...]

Chronic Fatigue, Florence Nightingale and Seabiscuit

Florence Nightingale had chronic fatigue syndrome.  Or so they say.  Truth or fiction, this rumour helps to give this mysterious condition a bit of 'street cred'.  But sometimes these stories can add to the challenge, rather than relieve it. CFS associations throughout the western world love to drop Nightingale's name. Yep, she is "one of [...]

About burnout and this thing

My Burnout Thing is a personal exploration about – you guessed it – burnout.  That is, when a person is feeling burned out…like really wired-tired for a good stint.  And I’m hoping this site is personal for both of us (being a burnout blog, this baby is interactive).  Through My Burnout Thing we will be [...]