Burnout recovery tip 12: Drugs, anxiety and my rap song

Drugs. It's a wonderful word, isn't it? Say the word 'drugs' to someone and you are destined to raise some kind of emotion in them (fear, hatred, glee, etc). But what that emotion is will depend on that person's relationship to drugs.    What do you think about drugs? You might reply, 'It depends..are we [...]

Burnout recovery tip 8: Counselling, and then not going to counselling

My first experiment with counselling was with a 'Zen psychiatrist'. Well, that's how I categorised him. I talked. The psychiatrist sat there, eyes half-closed, apparently meditating on my right shoulder. At ten-minute intervals the psychiatrist released a low hum, much like an unreliable refrigerator. Having burnout meant I was spending enough time on my own. So [...]

My ’13 things’ towards recovery from burnout

I've been shuffling around the edges of telling you my burnout story. My story 'unplugged' of being unplugged. I didn't want this blog to be about 'the answer'. Because I believe everyone finds their own answer. Mine won't be the exactly same as yours, you see. A woman told me that taking spirulena (algae) was [...]

Elizabeth Gilbert, Elaine Aron and the depression thing

In the best-selling book Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert called them 'goons'. She was referring to 'Depression' and 'Lonliness'.       The goons arrived to meet her as the sun was setting over the Villa Borghese in Rome. Despite the beautiful situ, Depression took her identity while Lonliness interrogated her about her motives for happiness. [...]