Catie Payne on food and burnout

Embracing the adage “We are what we eat”, does not mean accepting that if I eat a Brussels sprout, I become a Brussels sprout. But the natural question for us burnees is: What should I be eating? In my search for an answer, I stumbled across Catie Payne’s site Head Plant Health. I laughed, I [...]

Burnout recovery tip 13: Chocolate and other baaad good things

Eating can be tricky when you are burnt out. Culinary exploration isn't usually top of mind. We're often too tired to muster a meal that involves one food group let alone three. So it's not surprising when easy-reach 'comfort food' (chocolate, fast food, etc.) can become as seductive as heroin.  Just to keep things interesting, [...]

Burnout recovery tip 5: Say NO to “The new cure for chronic fatigue!”

It's exhausting, listening to all that advice. Your family has it, your friends have it, strangers in the the pharmacy queue have it. And it usually starts with "I read in this magazine….", or "I saw on the tele the other night…",  or "I was talking about you to Sharon in accounts. She had chronic [...]