Burnout recovery tip 5: Say NO to “The new cure for chronic fatigue!”

It's exhausting, listening to all that advice. Your family has it, your friends have it, strangers in the the pharmacy queue have it. And it usually starts with "I read in this magazine….", or "I saw on the tele the other night…",  or "I was talking about you to Sharon in accounts. She had chronic [...]

Burnout recovery tip 3: Cull your friends

'Cull your friends' sounds a bit harsh. Even by Facebook standards. And it also sounds like strange advice, considering friends can be damned handy when things get rough. And if you are burned out, things can get rough.  But this morsel of advice comes from a place of love…and sanity. A new kind of love [...]

My ’13 things’ towards recovery from burnout

I've been shuffling around the edges of telling you my burnout story. My story 'unplugged' of being unplugged. I didn't want this blog to be about 'the answer'. Because I believe everyone finds their own answer. Mine won't be the exactly same as yours, you see. A woman told me that taking spirulena (algae) was [...]