Zen Santa

My business email stopped working at the end of yesterday, just before I was about to send out my Christmas message. While the glitch was eventually resolved, I wondered about a potential philosophical meaning of this hair-tearing technical nightmare. And the following notion came to me: This Christmas, try talking less. Challenging advice for a [...]

Book review: Teach Us To Sit Still

I've just finished reading Tim Parks' Teach Us To Sit Still – A skeptic’s search for health and healing. Tim Parks is known in literary circles as a reputable novelist and translator. This newish book (2010) is NOT 'Sitting Still for Dummies', nor is it a literary novel. Instead Tim took up the challenge to [...]

No more words

Enough said.   This post was written by Megan Hills. Megan is a writer and cartoonist who believes that you can find quiet – even when your hair is loud.  Find out more about Megan

Burnout recovery tip 5: Say NO to “The new cure for chronic fatigue!”

It's exhausting, listening to all that advice. Your family has it, your friends have it, strangers in the the pharmacy queue have it. And it usually starts with "I read in this magazine….", or "I saw on the tele the other night…",  or "I was talking about you to Sharon in accounts. She had chronic [...]

Meditation made manageable – mmm…

What happens when you hear the word 'meditation'?   Some of you may think of words like: 'calm', 'spiritual', 'awareness', 'nice smelly candle and fluffy pillows'. But many of us, if we're really honest, immediately think: 'What? You mean that thing monks take decades to master?' 'I don't know how to meditate' 'I'm crap at [...]