Marney’s self-care tips on living with a burnt out person

Marney Perna of is a kinesiologist (find out what that is here). She also gives talks to ‘carers’ (people whose job it is to care for the elderly and disabled) about how to care better for themselves. The main reason why Marney got into kinesiology was to help her mother with ME/CFS and her [...]

A burnout carer’s two cents

It's fine for us burnt out folk to be jabbering on about our challenges. But what about the poor sod who lives with us? How do they feel about it all? I asked my poor sod over breakfast this morning… My partner, Jeff Shearer, also happens to be an acupuncturist who helps many of his [...]

Burnout recovery tip 7: Get angry at Jeff

Jeff is…  …my ultimate love app  …the CEO of my heart's SEO …the mojo in my tutti frutti   With that said, Jeff does piss me off from time to time. Thankfully, the feeling is mutual.   But before we go too far… I do understand that 'Get angry at Jeff' as a burnout recovery [...]