How to give yourself space

In my last post 7 things I've learned lately about work and stress I mentioned there was an eighth thing, but it requires a full post all on it's own. Not because it takes a lot of explaining. Here it is in a nutshell: When we feel overwhelmed – or even mildly pressured – something [...]

Making work work for us

  Ever been accused of being 'too sensitive'? I have, for a good slab of my life. When someone says 'You're too sensitive', I feel whacked across the face. Is this because I'm too sensitive? Being a sensitive female in our society is bad enough. But being identified as a sensitive male is a whole [...]

The obvious problem in the workplace

  In the business section of a newspaper recently was the headline: "Employee overload is bad for business". The sub-head (just in case you didn't understand the headline): "Overworked staff can strip a company of its competitive edge". Derek Parker wrote the article in the Weekend Australian (19-20 March 2011, Weekend Professional, Page 1). Not sure [...]

Shocking, funny and heartbreaking comments about burnout

I recently read a post on the Lifehacker site called How to recognize signs of burnout (and what to do about them). The post was pretty dull, to be honest (sorry, Adam mate). He quoted Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter (writer for Psychology Today) who discussed the signs of burnout. Adam gave us a few from the [...]

The day everything changed…

As mentioned in my last post '13 Things towards recovery from burnout', I'm going to post, one-by-one, some key recovery tricks that I found useful.  But before I start, I thought you might like to hear about my 'entry' into the world of burnout. It's kind of like getting born. I'm crying, I'm dribbing and [...]

The great napping debate

'To nap or not to nap – that is the question'. Well, for some. Not for me – as my previous post: 'Secret confessions from my napping diary' yelled from the rooftops…and then left to lie down. I appreciate that there are some in our community who feel they are unable to nap. Meanwhile there [...]

Confessions from my napping diary

To some, napping during the day may seem like a luxury. Not for me. Napping is a core survival tool. It's more important than email and my iphone. Quite a claim, I know. But there you have it.  Napping has always been vital for petit moi, even before the chronic fatiguey burnout thing…    A [...]